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Gift Ideas for A DIYer or Mechanic: What We Wish You’d Buy Us

When choosing gifts for a mechanic or a DIYer in your family it can be hard to know what to get them. You don’t want to ruin the surprise, and you do want to get them something they will definitely use. I have come up with a list of items in specific categories that pretty much every mechanic from professional to starting out can use. You can rest assured your gift will be received warmly if you stick to these five categories.

The five best gift ideas for any DIYer or Mechanic are flashlights, screwdrivers, soldering kits, ratcheting wrenches, and a Power Probe III. Whether wrenching on cars, or just a do it yourself type of person, everyone will appreciate a new high-quality flashlight, a complete set of screwdrivers, a soldering kit complete with everything you need, or the coolest tool to speed up electronic diagnosis (Power Probe III).

Here is why I love these tools, and anyone on your gift list will as well.

These 5+ gifts are sure to be a hit for the DIYer, mechanic, or tool lover in your family.

Don’t be the person that buys someone a gift they already have five of. It will sit in the toolbox forever.

Plus, don’t make them fake being super happy at Christmas / Holidays.

You’ll get tired of hearing thanks if you get any of these recommendations.

First Gift Recommendation Category *Must Have* Flashlights (Pocket & Large):

No one can have enough flashlights. Headlamps, pocket flashlights, magnetic flashlights, LED spotlights. They all offer creative solutions to the problem of not enough light while working on cars. Seeing is the first step to fixing.

Having enough light is the first step to being a good technician whether you’re working on airplanes or your lawnmower.

The different types that are offered for mechanics and DIYers are vast. It is best to make sure you aren’t buying them a type of flashlight they already have.

If you can, go scope out their toolbox.

Or ask them sneakily, “Hey _____, do you have a Streamlight LED flashlight? Or you still using that piece of junk 4 DD battery powered hunk? Just curious?”

Ok, so they might know what’s up when you ask them, but I promise you they will be happily surprised to hear you care enough to make sure they get the right tool for their needs.

Bottom line: if you make sure they don’t already have the exact same kind of flashlight (or something very similar) they will be happy for any of these:

I will order them based on price from low to high. You can mix and match these, as everybody that works in tight spaces loves good flashlights. Please, don’t buy them some junk. The quality difference in flashlights is insane, and really you get what you pay for (especially with flashlights).

Pocket Pen Flashlight Recommendations in 2018 for Gifts:

Entry Level & Most Affordable:

1. Streamlight 66120 Stylus Pro PenLight with White LED and Holster, Red – 90 Lumens (Links to Amazon)

Check Amazon by clicking here for the current price.

Professional level & More Expensive:

2. Streamlight 66702 160 Lumen Stylus Pro Rechargeable Magnetic Base – 160 Lumens *Click Amazon Price*

The reason this is more expensive is that it comes with a magnetic base (allowing hands-free use) and a USB plug for recharging. No more changing AAA batteries when it dies. Plug it in, and it will give you hours of use the next day.

Cool Nifty Flashlight Pocket Gadget That Most People Definitely Won’t Have But Could Use:

3. Streamlight 66418 Stylus Pro Reach Pen Light with White LED, Black (Links to Amazon)

This does not come with the USB rechargeable batteries (just regular 2xAAA).

However, it has a flexible end so it really can work in any tight spaces.

I would only buy this version if the person you’re giving it to already has a regular pocket pen model.

The cool thing about all these pocket lights from Streamlight?

Their warranty: from Streamlight directly “Streamlight will repair, replace or refund the purchase price, at its option, of any Streamlight product that does not work or that you manage to break for as long as you own it.” Link to Streamlight warranty.

Overall, you cannot go wrong ordering any one of these three pocket penlights.

Whether it is for yourself or an awesome gift in 2018, you won’t be disappointed with their performance and value.

List of Pocket Flashlights I recommend with Links to Amazon for Pricing:

1. Streamlight 66120

2. Streamlight 66702

3. Streamlight 66418


Best larger flashlight for daily use:

A pocket light works great for most uses. But a lot of times as a mechanic you just need that extra light from a larger flashlight. I swear from watching mechanics, and being one myself, the flashlight is one of the first tools you grab. It just provides you so much information, and literally sheds so much light on the situation, that it is a real pain when you can’t find yours. Or worse it doesn’t work right.

I still have an old school Streamlight non-LED flashlight with wall charger. It works great, but I would definitely like to upgrade to one of these LED versions soon. That is why these make a great gift. You will use them constantly, they work great, and if the person you’re buying a gift for doesn’t already have one they will be stoked.

1. Streamlight 77553 UltraStinger LED Flashlight with Charger – 1100 Lumens (Links to Amazon)

Also comes with wall mounted charger. It is a proven, time tested, and professional level flashlight. It is the first choice among technicians, service people, and first responders around the world.

I personally have the older version of this flashlight (before it was changed to LED).

Pros of LED flashlights:

With an LED flashlight you get more lumens (effectively how well it lights things up) and more use time before the battery dies. Also, you don’t have to change the LED (nearly ever) were with the old style like I have the bulb dies fairly regularly (every year or so).

If you’re a husband, wife, cousin does not have a good high-quality flashlight and loves fixing stuff. Just get them this, and they will love it. The only reason I can think of not buying someone this is if they already have the exact same light.

2. Neiko 40339A COB LED Work Light 11.5 Hours Run Time | Rechargeable (Links to Amazon)

Awesome light for every technician or mechanic. If your loved one does not already have one of these (or something like it) they will be using it a ton. I promise it is a great gift idea. I would love to have something like this for those hard to see repairs.

The price? Amazingly low. Click here to check the price on Amazon.

Comes with charger and accessories allowing you to attach it easily to different surfaces / hang it from under the car/hood. A must-have tool in 2018.

3. Astro 40SL 410 Lumen Rechargeable COB LED Slim Work Light (Links To Amazon)

What makes this flashlight different from the rest?

  • A swivel magnetic base that pivots. Meaning you can put it on the side of a car, under a car, etc., and the magnet will hold it.
  • You can also swivel and pivot it so it can face whatever direction you need.
  • This is an awesome feature! Click the link here to check current price on Amazon (roughly around $55).
The light attached to a metal base and pivoted off to one side. Combine that with a really powerful LED and rechargeable battery– this is one hecka cool tool. There is a reason why it is well loved on Amazon.


Second Gift Recommendation Category Soldering Kits:

These are some of the favorites out there in 2018 for tools.

These are mostly for the Mechanic/Technician in your family.

Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or just you’re feeling generous.

These are my favorite tools in 2018 that are actually useful to technicians/mechanics in the field.

It will be up to you to decide if the price is out of your range or not, I am just going to list tools that are awesome regardless of price.

1. Fully Equipped Awesome Price Soldering Kit Click To Go To Amazon For Price Check

Comes with: 1 x new soldering iron with on/off switch, 1 x helping hand magnifier station, 1 x desoldering pump(solder sucker) with aluminum body frame, 1 x soldering gun holder and stand with tips clearer sponge, 1 x soldering tube with solder wire, 1 x wire cutter, 2 x anti-static tweezers, 6 x different soldering tips(1 tip was built in the soldering iron gun)

This soldering kit offers insane value for the price and would make a great gift.

Not quite fit for commercial use, but if someone does this as a job they’re going to have a better solder gun anyway.

However, this has great reviews on Amazon and includes everything you need to get started soldering wires.

Perfect for any DIYer, Mechanic, and anyone that loves fixing stuff in your family.

If you aren’t using a soldering gun on your electronic repairs, please please learn how to use one. Stop using bad crimp connectors that will fail, or cause intermittent problems. Soldering is the only way to go with electronic repairs.

The only thing this kit is missing is some high-quality heat shrink tubing. This goes over the repaired (soldered) portion of the wire to make sure that water/contaminants don’t get in over time.

Here is some heat shrink tubing on Amazon I highly recommend using.

When buying heat shrink try to get Marine Grade, even if you are only working on cars.

It is just better made / more resistant to water.

The pinnacle gift for mechanics/DIYers/Technicians in 2018:

2. Power Probe III Circuit Tester w/Lead Set Kit (PP3LS01) Click To Check Price on Amazon (Roughly $120)

If the mechanic or tool lover in your family doesn’t have one of these yet, then I bet they will be very happy to get one. There are tons of reviews only raving about these, as they make your life much easier and faster when diagnosing blown fuses, batteries, and other electronic components in cars.

  • Does the Power Probe III replace any tools indefinitely? No.
  • Can it be used to check voltage? Yes.
  • Check fuses? Yes.
  • Give power or ground to any circuit? Yes.
  • If used incorrectly can it blow the ECU / PCM? Yes.
  • Does it do %95 of things a lot faster than those tools? Yes.

It will be your go-to tool to check grounds, fuses, and give power to window regulators etc.

Do not think of it as a tool that replaces other tools.

More a tool that saves you a ton of time %95 of the time.

That other %5 of the time you are still going to need to bust out your Multimeter, Oscilloscope, and Scan Tool.

Read here for my page on scan tools and multimeters. 

Another Must Have For Beginner Technicians Ratcheting Wrenches:

3. Gearwrench 12 Piece Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set With Plastic Case (Click For Amazon Price) 

8mm-19mm Ratcheting Wrench Set

Do videos speak a million photos? Or something like that.

I love this set so much / have used it for years professionally, that I decided to make a video about them.

Here you go!

This is from my friend’s toolbox (he is a professional mechanic).

I have been lucky enough to be able to use his tools over the years, and I had my own set of these (they were stolen in 2016).

Watch the video to see how many different brands he has collected over the years as they have been lost.

A definite must-have for any technician/mechanic in 2018. Make sure they don’t already own these!

You will probably lose the 10mm one as fast as a 10mm socket. Don’t ask me why they’re so easy to lose.

I think it has to do with using them all the time.


I hope this gets you started for if you’re shopping for someone in 2018. These are great tools, and you will be seen as a great gift giver. Speaking of which anyone wants to gift me some of these in 2018?

I will be filling this list out as I come up with more great ideas. But there you go! 5+ Great Gift Ideas for the Mechanic / Tool Lover / DIYer in 2018!


If you think your loved ones already have all of those listed above, then grab them a nice screwdriver set. One thing mechanics always need more of is screwdrivers. You can never have enough, they break, get lost, etc etc. 

To read my review of the best Screwdriver Set of 2018 Click Here.


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