Best Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners (Under $50) In 2019 for Iphone (iOS)

Okay, so there are a ton of OBD2 scanners out there on the market for all kinds of prices. I wanted to know which were the best obd2 scanners that worked with iPhones in 2019 and were under $50. This post is a list of all the best Bluetooth OBD2 scanners that are guaranteed to work with your iPhone or other iOS devices, and all of them are less than $50. 

An Obd2 scanner is a diagnostic tool that allows you to connect to the onboard computer on your vehicle if it was manufactured after 1996 in the United States. They come in TONS of different options and literally there exist hundreds of thousands of different obd2 scanner on the market in 2019. This is a guide to help you find the best obd2 scanner for your vehicle under $50 that works with Bluetooth and iPhones.

After tons of research and asking professional mechanics here are the best cheap Bluetooth obd2 scanners for iPhones available for less than $50. 

BAFX Products – OBD Reader for Check Engine Lights & Other Diagnostics (for iOS Devices)

BAFX-obd2-reader-code-scanner-iphone-bestPrice: Roughly $25-30 for the plug-in device. Plus $5-10 for the application needed to get the scan tools readings on your iPhone. They recommend downloading the app Torque Pro ($5 as of 2019) to use with their code reader. There are likely free applications that would work to do the most basic functions, but Torque Pro gives you more flexibility.

It is easy to set-up device with great customer support from BAFX. Including one person who said they were able to warranty their scanner after 5+ years of having it. For an OBD2 scanner that is less than $50, that is a lot of features.

I would say to go read the reviews and see if it is the right OBD2 scanner for you. It is a great option for a cheap Bluetooth and iPhone compatible scanner (it also has a model that works with android phones).

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Amtake OBDII OBD2 Scanner Engine Fault Code Reader Car Diagnostic Scanner for iPhone, iPad & Android

Amtake-obd2-reader-iphonePrice: On sale less than $20, regular price $20-30.

Once again another great option for a cheap OBD2 Bluetooth compatible scanner. It also needs to connect to an application like Torque Pro which you must buy from the app store independently. It will work with free versions including Torque Lite, however, you will not have nearly the same functionality as the $5 application provides.

Honestly, with some shops wanting upwards of $120 to just read your check

engine light, this is a great deal. It is up to you to do research to see if these obd2 scan tools will provide the functionality for your specific car.

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Veepeak Mini WiFi OBD2 Scanner for iOS and Android

Veepeak-mini-bluetooth-obd2-iphone-code-reader-scanner-best-under-50Price: Roughly $17 on sale

Just like all the other OBD2 Bluetooth code readers, you will need to purchase or use a free app to be able to see what stored DTC’s your car has. It has all the same functionality of the other scanners listed above, the biggest benefit to this guy is how small it is. You can easily fit this in your pocket, or even leave it connected to your cars obd2 port all the time.

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Veepeak OBDCheck BLE OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Auto OBD II Diagnostic Scan Tool for iOS & Android, Bluetooth 4.0

Veepeak-obd2-bluetooth-4-iphonePrice: Roughly $28 on sale.

This is a great option that people have good success with if you have a really new iPhone. With some of the older Bluetooth obd2 scanners, some people have reported connectivity issues. With this scanner, many people claim it doesn’t have those same problems. So if you have an iPhone 7 or newer, it is probably safest to grab this scanner. You will also need to purchase a separate application (just like the others). Grab Torque Pro for the most features.

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Bluetooth 4.0 OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone iPad iOS & Android Device, Foseal Car Health Monitor Diagnostic OBD 2

under-50-best-obd2-scanner-iphonePrice: Around $35-45

Another good choice if you’re an iPhone user looking for a Bluetooth scan tool. It has all the same features as the others and will need you to install a third party application to view the data. This one doesn’t have the same amount of reviews as the others, but it will work with your iPhone.

All of these companies offer easy to get ahold of customer support which is ESSENTIAL when buying a Bluetooth scan tool. If you aren’t very tech savvy these can be hard to get connected to your phone. Make sure you buy a scan tool where you can actually reach customer support if you have a problem!

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What do OBD2 Scanners Do?

They are meant to be a universal tool that connects to your cars SAE J1962 port. You can read more about it on that Wikipedia page, but more often than not if you do not have a car that was imported from a foreign country and you are in the United States any OBD2 diagnostic scanner will fit your cars SAE J1962 port (with some exceptions).

Individual manufacturers often enhance the OBD-II code set with additional proprietary DTCs. This means that while on every car that has an OBD2 port will allow you to read the basic codes with the correct scanner, certain vehicles may have additional parameters available if you have access to a dealership scanner (or a scanner made more specifically for that car).

What OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner is Best for (insert your brand of car here)?

Unfortunately, the scanners that are brand specific, i.e., the scanner that a Honda Dealership has may only be available to the dealerships and cost upwards of $20,000 or more. Automotive repair in 2019 is much more computer and dealership dependent so that you spend money at the dealership having the repairs done there. 

However, with a basic cheap scan tool you can usually read all the DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) and for most common problems on your vehicle this a great way to start. Many of the cheap OBD2 scanners I will be recommending will not be bidirectional (meaning able to turn on/off certain sensors) and will not have nearly the same capabilities of more expensive bi-directional scan tools. To read more about higher end scan tools that are bi-directional capable (for a decently capable scan tool expect to spend around $500) click here.

Also, expect to pay more for a scanner that also supports SRS (airbag) or ABS (anti-lock brake) trouble codes. There are also TPMS (tire pressure monitor) and TPS (throttle position sensor) specific bi-directional scan tools. For any of those specific types of problems, you will want to research exactly what scan tool will give you the most options for your make and model.

What do more expensive scan tools do?

The more functions the scan tools have, the more money they cost. OBD2 code scanners most basic functions (reading DTC codes) are universal, however, if you want to be sure the OBD2 code scanner you are buying will work with your vehicle I suggest using Amazon’s “Shop by Vehicle” filter to be sure.

This guide is focused on the best cheap OBD2 Bluetooth scan tools that are compatible with iPhones. Many of these scan tools require purchasing a pretty cheap application (typically less than $10) in order to work with all their functions!

Many people do not realize they must purchase a separate application in order to use their Bluetooth scan tools. Make sure to realize that first! It may make more sense to buy a scan tool that isn’t Bluetooth compatible for the sake of not having to purchase a separate application. Up to you!


Buying an OBD2 Bluetooth iPhone compatible scan tool is a great way to save money on car repair and be able to read your check engine code lights when they happen. It can seriously save your day when you realize you don’t have to make a trip to the mechanic because you simply left the gas cap loose.

For less than $50, you have a ton of options for iPhone compatible Bluetooth devices. Stay safe!

The overall winner is the BAFX scanner click here for the current price and reviews on Amazon.

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BAFX OBD2 iOS iPhone Bluetooth Code Reader

Under $50









iPhone Compatibility



  • Awesome Customer Support
  • Super Cheap
  • Great Reviews
  • Works with iPhones & iOS devices


  • Need to install separate app (as with all Bluetooth OBD2 readers)

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