Best Diesel Jumpstarter in 2019? Illustrated Buying Guide & Top 5 List

Best Diesel Jumpstarter in 2019? Illustrated Buying Guide & Top 5 List

There are a lot of differences between a jump starter pack that will work for a gas car and one that works for your big diesel truck score tractor. Battery size, connection lead length, and the quality of the internal components.

I wrote this buying guide to help buyers like you figure out what is the best diesel jump starter in 2019. One that can handle the extra load that starting a diesel engine with a dead battery requires.

What is inside a diesel jump starter pack? A battery. It is important to remember that fact when looking at which jumpstarter pack makes the most sense for you. Simply put you are buying a small battery to use occasionally that you are going to ask to give a huge jolt of energy. Typically, in 2019, these are mostly going to be smaller lithium-ion batteries. However, you can still also buy lead-acid jump starter packs (bigger and heavier).

The extra features some of the nicer jumpstarters have include reverse polarity smart shut-off features, and built-in smart chargers/USB ports/flashlights. For me, and for the person looking for the most reliable jumpstarter pack for their diesel truck, tractor, or semi– you really just want reliability. You want it to work when asked to, and you don’t want to be left in the snow on the side of the road with a dead battery and a dead jumpstarter. 

Therefore you may be wondering what makes a better jump pack vs a cheap poorly made jump starter pack? The quality of the battery cells inside of the jumpstarter. Cheaper models are going to have poorly soldered internals. The battery cells might not be from Samsung or LG, but from some copycat cheaper company (with fewer quality controls). That is why when researching these jump starter packs, I always pay particular attention to the quality of the components and the warranty they offer. 

Best Diesel Jumpstarter in 2019: 

gb-150I found that for the price the Noco GB150 4000amp Lithium-Ion had the best reviews and value for your money (click the link to check the price on Amazon). It is a bit more expensive than some of the other brands with similarly sized capabilities, but the company Noco has been around for a while. They also offer a pretty solid warranty on their jumpstarter packs and a customer service center that actually cares what you think.

The drawbacks? At around $300 it is a lot to invest in your safety. You could just buy a set of big heavy-duty booster cables and hope that you are always near somebody that can give you a jump. But if you are driving a 7.3l Ford Diesel or a 6.0l or anything above the smallest VW rabbit diesel you are going to need some real oomph to get your truck kicking over fast enough to fire.

To read more about the GB150 and get all the specifications click here to see reviews, current price, and detailed feature list.

Other Top Considerations for Best Diesel Jumpstarters in 2019:

2. GOOLOO SuperSafe Car Jump Starter, 1500A Peak

Sitting just under $100 at the time of this review, this jump starter pack literally packs a punch. It claims to be capable of starting up to an 8.5l gas engine or 6.5l diesel. That is if the battery is fully dead! Meaning that if your battery is discharged but not completely dead (like if you left your radio or lights on just long enough that the battery can’t crank it over) it would start much bigger items.

3. Jump-N-Carry JNC770R 1,700 Peak Amp Premium 12-Volt Jump Starter

jnc-770This jump starter pack is what you will find most commonly around a mechanics shop. They are well loved, and a reliable choice. Sitting at around $130 out the door the JNC 770R is a great choice for jumpstarting your diesel truck.

The drawbacks? It isn’t nearly as light and portable as a lithium ion jumpstarter pack like the others listed above (GB 150/GOOLOO). The JNC uses a lead acid style battery (just like in your car) which is heavier but also very reliable. The JNC also comes with a tire pump, charger, flashlight, and USB plugs for charging devices like phones.

It is a great choice if you don’t mind the extra weight or it is going to just be chilling in your shop.

4. Jump-N-Carry JNC1224 3400/1700 Peak Amp 12/24V Jump Starter

The most BEASTLY of all the jump starter packs I have listed so far. This thing packs a punch and can also work with 24V systems. It will definitely start whatever diesel you through at it, and a couple of times over.

The drawbacks? It is pretty expensive ($300 or so). It is also lead-acid style and therefore pretty heavy. But you will definitely find this one around a lot of professional diesel shops.

5. NOCO Boost Max GB500 20000 Amp 12V/24V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

10,000 amps of hard-hitting jump starting power. Capable of probably starting 3 7.3l diesel at the same time, in Wisconsin, in below freezing temperatures. Ok, just kidding, it may be that powerful but why the heck would you ever be jump-starting three trucks at the same time?

Well, if you just can’t stand that someone out there has a bigger and better jump starter pack than you then this might be the pack for you. The beastly power pack has all the luxury options (charger, USB ports, voltage readout, charge indicator, built-in smart charger, reverse polarity shut-off, etc). But guess the price? $500? $1000?

If the death star were real, this thing would start it— online review

Try around $1500 dollars new. You can buy a dedicated Honda civic full of lead acid batteries in the trunk and drive around to people that need a jump start for less. You could just get a tow truck to pick you up, or a lifetime subscription to triple AAA. Regardless, it is the most beastly lithium-ion jumpstarter on the market in 2019. If you got the extra cash and do a lot of driving in hazardous conditions then by-all-means.

Do it.

How to Properly Use a Jump Starter Pack:

  1. Make sure it is off.
  2. Check charge level and pray it is actually charged (many people never charge their jump packs and are left with a dead one)
  3. Hook up the positive cable (+) to the positive battery terminal on the dead car/truck.
  4. Hook up the negative cable from the jumpstarter pack (-) to the negative terminal on the battery.
  5. Make sure connections are tight and there is no corrosion on the battery or terminals (clean this first and try to restart)
  6. Turn jumpstarter pack on.
  7. Make sure it lights up, and power on.
  8. Wait 10-30 seconds then start the dead car.
  9. Make sure to check the power of the dead car’s battery after driving around for awhile (bring it to a shop or buy a CCA battery tester— cheap and super accurate.
  10. Recharge your jump starter pack.


Why Jumpstarter Packs are Worth Buying:


I personally love the idea of being able to jumpstart any car on the side of the road– diesel or gas.

There are no real drawbacks to carrying a jumpstarter pack other than saving somebodies day. Or even saving yourself from the embarrassment of running your battery low listening to music on the side of the road. Whatever the reason, having some juice in the trunk is a life saver.

To see the top-ranked Diesel jump starter packs on Amazon right now click here.

Noco GB150

Check on Amazon










  • Up to 80 jump starts per charge
  • Will jump a 7.3l or 6.0l Diesel
  • 4000 peak amps
  • Built in charger
  • USB ports, multimeter, etc


  • Quality means it costs more than the cheap off-brands

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