Best Gifts For Car Lover Boyfriends

It can be hard to know what to get your car lover boyfriend. I want to help you make a good decision on what things to get a car lover guy so that he’ll be the happiest guy over the holidays. There are a ton of different ideas, and a lot of them depend on what your boyfriend car lover already owns or not.

There are some gift ideas for car-loving boyfriends that never get old. Those include flashlights, power tools, and new car repair and cleaning gadgets. All of these gift ideas have been suggested by professional mechanics, and come with the stamp of approval. Your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend that loves cars will be very happy with any of these gifts. I will sort them with the least expensive first and getting more expensive as we go. 

#1 First Category for Best Gifts for Car Lover Boyfriends — Flashlights:

If your boyfriend or girlfriend likes to work on their own car, then they need good light. Companies are always coming up with new cool inventions in the automotive world, and a lot of those include flashlights. That is because flashlights and underhood work lights are just absolutely essential to repairing cars. If your boyfriend is still just using a cheap headlamp in the garage, make sure to check out some of these top flashlights from 2019. These are perfect gift ideas for any car lover in 2019/20.

First, does your boyfriend have a high-quality penlight? These are little pen-sized flashlights that pack a punch. They clip easily to your belt, or in your pocket. Mechanics have been using them since they came out, and the best kinds are the rechargeable USB LED pen flashlights. These are one of my favorite gift ideas for any car lover, as every car lover will always enjoy being able to have a handy flashlight. Plus, even if they already own a pen-flashlight I guarantee they will not be upset to have another– they are one of the easiest items to lose. 

Here is my FAVORITE Pen-flashlight on the market. It is both LED and rechargeable, meaning no more annoying changing batteries. It has a TON of light, and seriously professional mechanics rely on these flashlights every day. There are cheaper brands and flashlights, but if your boyfriend is a real car lover he will know this brand and be super happy with it. If you’re looking for a flashlight for around $20, this Streamlight Penlight also works great, it just doesn’t come with the rechargeable option. Still, an AWESOME gift and any car lover boyfriend will be stoked!

#2 Best Gifts for Car Lover Boyfriends — Power Tools:

Ok, this is a big deal. You need to find out what power-tools your car lover boyfriend already owns, or if he owns any. Cordless power tools have almost surpassed their air-tool relatives with their power, usability, and portability. Professional technicians agree Milwaukee makes the best power tools for automotive repair, and I highly recommend buying your significant other a starter Milwaukee set if they don’t have any. 

If you know for a fact they don’t have any cordless power tools start out with the Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver / Drill combo set. For less than $200, it comes with an impact driver, drill, two batteries, and a charger. For them to use it for automotive repair all you need to do is also buy them this drill driver adapter set for cheap, less than $10, and any drill or impact driver becomes an impact wrench. Then you can add on any tools from the Milwaukee m18 lineup and the batteries will work with them.

Many professional technicians use this M18 Milwaukee High Torque 1/2″ Impact for breaking lug nuts lose, changing tires, and any suspension work. Your partner will be absolutely stoked to get one if they plan on doing work on their own car. Milwaukee tools are professional grade and cost like 1/5th the price of many more expensive brands (Snap-On, Mac, Matco, etc).

If you’re looking for a gift idea that is cheaper for your car lover then grab them this 1/4″ cordless ratchet kit. It has great reviews, is an off brand, and will work great for any DIYer cart lover. Plus it is less than $80 including everything (batteries, charger, and the tool).

#3 Best Gifts for Car Lover Boyfriends — New Detailing Gadgets:

If there is one thing that car lovers love to do it is clean their cars. I personally absolutely love having my car be spotless inside and out. I am also a dog lover and struggle to find the balance between letting my dog be in my car and cleaning the dog hair. Lucky for us, professional detailers have been sharing their tips online and their favorite car cleaning tools. Your car lover partner may not own some of these cool gadgets and I guarantee you any of these will be a hit. Pick and choose from this list based on what they already own or don’t.

  1. The Top-Rated Shop Vac for Auto Detailing by Professional Detailers: Rigid 4-Gallon

The Rigid 4 Gallon Shop Vacuum is the ultimate shop vacuum for car detailing without breaking the bank. The pro-tip is that many professional detailers use this vacuum which is less than $100. But here is the ultimate pro tip for your car lover boyfriend, buy them this accessory kit that comes with the attachments that make auto detailing a breeze. It is specifically made for this Rigid Shop Vacuum, the one I recommended above, and both together will barely put you over the $100 mark. 

Here is a professional using that setup and explaining why the Rigid accessory kit and vacuum together make the ultimate car vacuuming pair.

#4 Best Gifts for Car Lover Boyfriends — New Tool Inventions 2019:

Ok, so you want to be sure your car lover boyfriend that seems to have everything doesn’t already have these items. I can pretty much guarantee that they don’t have these items unless they are buying every brand new tool available out there. Here are some of my favorite new inventions in the car repair/detailing world new in 2019.

If they have access to an air-compressor and like keeping their car sparkly clean, the Tornador Car Cleaning Gun is a crazy new invention that works wonders. It basically blasts cleaning solution mixed with high-pressure air to allow you to easily clean all areas of your car fast. It is actually an AWESOME invention that works PERFECTLY for all car lovers that like to clean. 

To see the Tornador in action watch this (notice the Rigid Vac in the Background!):

The second coolest invention, and a little cheaper gift is this tool that basically helps heat up bolts and fasteners super hot without using a torch. Actually, I lied, I just checked the price and they’re pretty expensive. But I swear, even if your boyfriend is a professional mechanic and they don’t own one of these they will be STOKED. It is PERFECT if your car lover guy likes to work on cars and you live in an area where you deal with rust. It is a sweet new invention that basically means you won’t have to worry about your boyfriend starting a fire using a torch. 

Here is the model recommended by professional technicians, I guarantee your boyfriend car lover will be happy with this. That is if they like to get dirty and work on their own cars.


If you’re shopping for the car lover boyfriend that seems to have it all, I doubt they have all of the gift ideas I listed above. Plus, I promise they will be happy with any of these items. You need to just figure out what they already own or what they like doing.

Are they more into cleaning and detailing, or working on their car/truck?

Either way, thanks for checking out my list. If you want more gift ideas based on tools that DIYer mechanics need to get started check out my complete list here (with photos and descriptions).



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