Best Lug Nut Flip Socket Set

Having a high-quality lug nut flip socket set will allow you to remove lug nuts from pretty much all the most common cars quickly and easily. No more searching for the right socket, just grab your lug nut reversible socket set, and one of the sockets will surely fit. It is important to make sure you get a lug nut socket set that has all the most common lug nut sizes, and that comes with its own case for easy storage.

The point of a lug nut reversible socket set is that it can have two different sizes on each socket which means fewer tools to store and carry. From hours of research online, and asking thousands of mechanics in a couple Facebook groups I have found that the Ingersoll Rand SK4C3FN Flip Impact Socket Lugnut on Amazon to be the best deal and value. I HIGHLY recommend buying this set as it is both cheap and durable. The Ingersoll Rand lug nut socket set also has all the most common lug nut sizes (3/4″ x 13/16″ and 19mm x 21mm, 3″ Extension and a plastic case). Just do yourself a favor and buy it today, it is an awesome deal click here to see the price and current reviews.  

Lug Nut Protective Sockets Vs. Lug Nut Flip Sockets:

protective lug nut sockets vs flip socket set

People often get these confused. Lug nut flip sockets are a combination socket that has two different sizes on the same socket. All you do is flip the socket over and reattach your breaker bar or impact gun and it changes from a 3/4″ to a 13/16″ socket for example. This does not mean that they are thin-walled or protective lug nut sockets. You can add electrical tape wrapped around the outer wall of the socket to protect rims against scratching with any impact socket. However, I recommend if you’re going to be working on expensive cars or you have fancy rims to make sure to buy some thin walled lug nut protective sockets. If you want an idea what I am talking about, this 1/2″ Impact Non-Marring Protective Lug Nut Set on Amazon of protective non-marring sockets is an awesome deal and includes all the same sizes plus more than the lug nut flip socket set. 

What is a Lug Nut Reversible Socket?

A lug nut reversible socket allows you to have two different socket sizes built into the same socket. You simply reverse which side you are attaching your extension to, and it becomes the other socket size. For example, in the lug nut flip socket set, I recommend above one of the sockets has both a 19mm and a 21mm end. The 19mm end will work great for Honda’s and other small cars, and all you have to do is flip it over and now you can remove 21mm Toyota Tacoma lug nuts easily. No more hunting for tons of different sockets, it really does make fast work of ninety percent of lug nuts. There are some exceptions where you will need super deep impact sockets, or especially thin walled impact sockets to be able to remove certain lug nuts. 

Watch this quick video to see flip lug nut socket sets in action:

What is a Non-Marring Impact Socket Set?

Non-marring socket sets refer to them being typically both thinner than normal impact sockets and coated in either a protective plastic or rubber coating. Because they are typically thinner than your average impact socket set, they tend to break easier. They are not made for huge torque applications, and it is best to get a set with a lifetime warranty. They are made for removing lug nut bolts without damaging the rim. Using regular impact sockets on nice rims can cause scratching and other damage.

Pro tip: if you don’t have protective impact sockets, just wrap your lug nut socket in electical tape and give it a go. A couple wraps with electrical tape should protect the rim from the socket well enough, just make sure to redo the tape as it gets ruined.


I highly recommend, as do many professional mechanics, that you own both a flip lug nut socket set and a non marring lug nut thin walled set. From all my research it is very important to buy high-quality sets for anything lug nut related as these sockets are going to take a beating from your impact guns. It is important to get a set that is well-reviewed and has a lifetime warranty.

Therefore, my favorite lug nut flip socket set is the Ingersol Rand set on Amazon here for an AMAZING price. I can’t believe that price actually, and that it does come with a lifetime warranty and a case.

If you’re looking more for a thin-walled protective impact lug nut socket set you can’t go wrong with this CTA lug nut protective socket set on Amazon. The price is great, the warranty is lifetime, and it comes with every lug nut socket size you’ll ever need.


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