Complete Guide to Milwaukee Cordless 1/2" Impact Wrenches

Complete Guide to Milwaukee Cordless 1/2″ Impact Wrenches (Part #’s & Photos)

I am writing this article because I have found it incredibly confusing with certain companies (Milwaukee included) that simply have so many different model numbers and part numbers for their tools. In this post, I am going to compile all the part numbers of the different generations of the Milwaukee impact wrench models and what their differences are.

I hope this post helps you buy the right Milwaukee tool, and find a good used one if need be. For example, Milwaukee has the same tools offered in Fuel versions (brushless), One-Key (Extra Bluetooth features), and sometimes have two different part numbers for ordering as an entire kit (battery + charger) or tool only.

As a general rule of thumb if you want the tool only the Milwaukee part number will end be xxxx-20, and for the kit (with battery and a charger) will end in xxxx-22. In 2019, the newest 1/2″ High Torque m18 Impact Wrench is 2763-20 (tool only), for the kit including battery and charger the part number is 2763-22 (kit). If you want that exact same 1/2″ impact wrench but which includes the One-Key features, the part numbers for the tool only and kit are respectfully (2863-20, and 2863-22 for the kit). 

Milwaukee 1/2 — Impact Wrench Part Numbers

2663-20, 2663-22

1. 1st Gen Non-Fuel (Brushed) 1/2″ Impact Wrench Option

2. You can still buy this on Home Depot’s website, however, it is the oldest and the least recommended for automotive work.

3. Costs around 180 brand new (tool only) 

4. Has only around 450 ft-lbs of breakaway torque (would work for lugnuts) 

1. 2nd Gen 2763-20, 2763-22 Milwaukee’s 1/2″ Impact Wrench lineup.

1. The 2763-20 is the tool only, and the 2763-22 is the kit that comes with batteries and a charger.

2. Capable of 1100 ft-lbs of loosening (breakaway torque) and 700 ft-lbs fastening torque

3. Only has TWO drive modes 100 ft-lbs and the full torque setting.

4. A very capable torque wrench and you can get USED for a great price on eBay.

5. You can also still buy new on Amazon 2763 here.

6. I use it daily and have never encountered a bolt it couldn’t handle, but would I like to have the newest and bigger model? Absolutely.

1. 3rd Gen.

2763-20 (tool only), for the kit including battery and charger the part number is 2763-22 (kit). The newest generation of Impact Wrenches in 2019 from Milwaukee.

2. 1400ft-lbs breakaway torque.

3. 4-mode drive control with bolt removal mode, giving you the most “control” options.

4. Tool only runs around $250, for the kit costs around $450-500

5. One of the most powerful cordless impacts wrenches on the market

6. Highly recommended by professional technicians and the price is AWESOME for DIYers alike.

7. Here is a link to an awesome price for the entire kit on Amazon here. 

 3rd Gen + One-Key (Newest / Most Expensive)

Part #’s for One-Key: 2863-20, 2863-22 (kit)

1. One-Key has some awesome features if you are worried about theft / want to dial in your torque settings

2. The extra cost is about $50 for the tool to add one-key.

3. Only buy the One-Key version if you plan on using your phone to set up your tool & need specific torque values

4. The drawback to One-Key? The tool is slightly heavier and has a tiny extra bulk on the side (these are already heavy every bit of extra weight counts).

5. For the best price on Amazon for the One-Key tool only click here, and for the kit click here


I hope that helps clear some things up about what model Milwaukee you should buy and what are the newest models/oldest.

Remember a 20 at the end usually means tool only, and 22 means as a full kit (battery + charger). It is definitely worth buying as a kit if you don’t already have a battery and charger. Occasionally you can find kits on sale for really good prices.

I wrote a complete guide on Milwaukee’s warranty process here read that to see why they have the best warranty in the industry.

As always stay safe and wrench on!


Gen 1: 2663-20 (tool only), 2663-22 (kit) 450ft-lbs breakaway torque / non-brushless. 

Gen 2: 2763-20 (tool only), 2763-22 (kit) Fuel / Brushless 1100ft-lbs breakaway torque / two modes

Gen 3: (Newest in 2019): 2767-20 (tool only), 2767-22 (kit) Fuel / Brushless 1400ft-lbs breakaway torque, 3 drive modes + bolt removal setting, optional One-Key add on. 

Gen 3 + One-Key (Most Expensive): 2863-20 (tool only), 2863-22 (kit) Exact same as Gen 3 model except has added One-Key features. 

All of those part numbers are with the friction ring. There are different part numbers for pin detent models. However the only difference is in the anvil and both will work– however, for faster socket changes as a mechanic 95% are using the friction ring. It is just easier and less hassle– pin detent is more for industrial uses (my understanding).


Related Questions:

What is the best Milwaukee 1/2″ high torque impact wrench in 2019? 

The newest and most powerful Milwaukee impact wrench in 2019 is the 2863-20 1/2″ High Torque Impact Wrench + One-Key features. That is the absolute top of the line impact wrench offered by Milwaukee in 2019, but really you don’t need the One-Key features unless you are going to buy every tool with One-Key (Bluetooth connectivity, torque settings, etc).

The best impact wrench for mechanics and DIYers trying to just work on your car or truck is the 2767-20 or 2767-22 if you want the full kit (includes battery and a charger). It has all the same features as the other one-key model just no one-key access. Meaning you still get 1400ft-lbs of breakaway torque with 3 power settings and one special “bolt busting” setting which slows the RPM’s down once it detects the bolt has been broken loose (no more chasing bolts around the shop that go flying!).

What is the difference between Milwaukee 2767-20 vs 2863-20?

The Milwaukee 2767-20 is the high torque 1/2″ impact wrench/gun and the 2863-20 is the exact same thing except it comes with added Milwaukee one-key features. One-key does not make any difference with how hard the gun hits or how big of bolts it can break loose, it only offers you certain connectivity features with your cell phone and tool tracking. There is no need to buy one-key unless you feel you will actually use it, or your job/insurance requires you to have it. For the average DIYer or professional mechanic, the 2767-20 is the best bang for your buck. Both the 2767-20 and 2863-20 are GEN 3 (newest in 2019).

What is better the Milwaukee 2767 20 vs 2861 20?

The first big difference here is that the 2767-20 is the high torque 1/2″ Gen 3 version and the 2861-20 is the mid-torque 1/2″. 2767-20 hits harder (1400ft-lbs breakaway torque vs the 2861-20 having only 450ft-lbs), weighs only a tiny bit more (1/2lb roughly) and only costs $60-80 more. The only real advantage to the mid-torque model is that it has a much higher RPM (meaning once the bolt is loose it comes off faster) 2400 RPMS versus the 1750RPMS of the 2767-20 heavy hitter. Overall I think you are much better off buying the 2767-20 first, then filling in with whatever other tools you need.





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