How to Install an Oil Catch Can

How to Install an Oil Catch Can Properly

How to Properly Install an Oil Catch Can:

To install the oil catch can correctly you should just google your car and “installing an oil catch can.”

Someone is likely to have done it on your exact car and can walk you through the process. For every car, it is different, and different strategies for placement of the catch can work better. I know that isn’t very helpful, but unfortunately, it is way too complicated to talk about every single type of engine and the best placement for each type of oil can. You will have to make your own decisions at some point if there isn’t enough information out there already.

How to Properly Install an Oil Catch Can
An oil catch can keeps that stuff junk from going over the intake valves on its way back into the combustion chamber. It helps protect you from this– super carbonized intake valves on a DGI car.

If you’re still not sure if you should be using an oil catch can in 2021 watch these videos. They mostly work best on cars with a lot of engine blow-by (burn a lot of oil) or modern cars that have a direct gasoline injection system.

Lots of these cars end up having problems with oil and crust building up on the intake valves. This is because no gasoline is sprayed over the valves (cleaning them in a normal car without Direct Gasoline Injection). This means some cars at around 30,000 miles can have problems with coated intake valves and loss of horsepower etc.,

Why Oil Catch Cans Are Worth Installing:

To find out if using an oil catch can on your car is appropriate, just google it.

If your car has a direct gasoline injection system then, by all means, I recommend you install an oil catch can.

Just avoid all the potential problems of build up on the intake valves.

It can be extremely expensive to repair if you have to take the intake manifold off and blast the valves.

However, since I cannot spend a ton of time researching every different car and whether people have had good success with an oil catch can, that part I will have to leave up to you.

You will also need to decide where to install the oil catch can, and what lines you want to tap to do it. Some people also install two oil catch cans (for certain cars,) and you will need to see if that is a good option for you on your car.

Some people also install two oil catch cans (for certain cars,)
click the photo to read more from these guys that make oil catch cans / have photos of an engine with 4000 miles on it that already has dirty intake valves (from no catch can system).


I personally love the idea of being able to see what I am keeping out of the engine. 

With no real drawbacks as long as you install it correctly, and can easily put the car back to stock if needed.

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  • lack of instructions
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