For Less Than $20, The Better Way To Remove Those Annoying Rotor Set Screws

For Less Than $20, The Better Way To Remove Those Annoying Rotor Set Screws

The Rotor Set Screw Can Be One Of The Most Annoying Things To Battle.

This one High-Quality Impact Screwdriver #2 (Links To Amazon) makes short work of %90 of rotor set screws. It looks like a normal screwdriver, but it actually has a built-in Impact Driver Mechanism. Simply put it on the rotor set screw and hammer it like you would with your regular impact driver.

Why is it so great? 

It is one tool that will %90 of the time do the job for you fast and easy. Yes, sometimes you will still strip them out or need to drill the rotor screws out. But if %90 of the time all you have to do is reach for this one tool, it will save you a ton of time.

If you work on a lot of Honda’s this tool will be your best friend.

No need to dig up your impact hammer driver kit, find the hammer, realize you broke your bit last time and have to make a trip to the hardware store.

Just grab this ONE tool, hit it with the hammer a couple of times and get the rotor screws out.

The Impact Screwdriver is made in Japan. It costs less than $20.

It is also highly reviewed by many mechanics who need to get these off fast and without a battle.

Before it was a popular tool you had to order it from Japan and wait a while for shipping.

Now, you can get it on Prime as fast as anything else. People have realized it is a great tool in 2018. 

Click here to check shipping times and price on Amazon.

It also works great for idle air control valves on Honda’s and other Japanese makes that use a lot of JIS type Phillip head screws. It also works for #2 Phillips as well.

Here it is with the current price listed for the Vessel 125943 908 P3x150 Impact Screwdriver.
Despite the link saying “Buy It Now,” it will just take you to the product information page. It will not put it in your cart. 

I found out about this tool from the Flat Rate Master’s YouTube Channel. Here is the video (cue’d up to where he discusses this tool):

Here is what they look like, and when they rust on the rotor and into the hub they can be a real pain.

For Less Than $20, The Better Way To Remove Those Annoying Rotor Set Screws

The normal procedure is to grab your hammer impact driver bit set, a hammer, find the right bit, and start hammering.

Then you pray that you don’t snap your bit, strip out the screw, or snap the tip off the screw from too much force.

Here is what an impact set looks like and what a rotor set screw looks like (although these look relatively easy– no rust).

Impact Driver W/ Bit Set (Hammer Not Included)

Do You Need To Put Them Back In (Are They Doing Anything?):

They are %100 percent not necessary. It is a matter of preference whether you reinstall them or not.

They were installed by the factory to hold the rotor on during production on the line. the lug nuts on the tire hold the rotor against the hub.

You DO NOT NEED to reinstall them if you do not wish. Obviously, make sure that on your car that is correct but on %99.9 of cars they are simply there to keep the rotor from falling off before the tires/brake calipers were installed on the factory line.

However, many people like to put them back on their new rotors because they don’t like changing things on their cars.

IF you’re the type of person that has to put them back on then you must do this one thing!

Cover that little Phillips in my favorite Marine Quality Anti-Seize (Links to Amazon) and slap it back in there.

Please, for the love of everyone else that has to work on the car after you cover that bad boy in some anti-seize.

Here is me in a video I made in 2015 explaining how valuable I find Anti-Seize.

You can also watch as I say you need to have an impact driver set for removing brake rotor screws. While I still think you should have one as a backup. I would definitely rather use the screwdriver impact on efficiency and ease.

Also, do not reach for the impact driver on reinstall. Just put it in medium tight by hand. Or one little itsy tap with the impact driver to set it down.

There you go, this one tool will save you tons of time if you work on Honda’s or Other Japanese Cars often.

It also makes a great gift for anyone that works on cars. It is cheap, functional, and high quality.

You gotta love a great tool at a great price.

What happens if you can’t get the screw out even with the impact screwdriver?
Don’t Stress! Watch The Experts Explain Their Methods:

Here is EricTheCarGuy

Here is Briansmobile1’s Tips:

Here is a guy (StudioVRM) using the Vessel Screwdriver to Remove Rotor Screws: 

There you go. The one tool that will be your go-to tool for those pesky rotor set screws.

I recommend everyone have one of these in their toolbox. Be a rockstar gift giver in your family and get this for someone.

Click here to read my article on my favorite Screwdriver Set of 2018 for the beginner / intermediate mechanic.


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