Best Cheap 3/8″ Metric Socket Set

Looking for an inexpensive 3/8″ drive metric socket set?

Look no further, the Gearwrench Metric 3/8″ Drive 6 Point Semi-Deep Chrome Socket Set is the absolute best deal for high-quality sockets at a great price on the internet. Plus, right now this set comes with a free matching 1/4″ set. And the total cost for both is less than like one or two Snap-On sockets without a rail. Plus, the Gearwrench sockets come with a lifetime warranty, and I personally have abused them over the last few years and never had one break or give me problems. They are the PERFECT socket sets for people looking for affordable high-quality chrome sockets. 

best cheap metric socket set
8mm-19mm Semi-Deep 6 Point Metric 3/8″ Gearwrench Socket Set



This Gearwrench Semi-Deep (Gearwrench calls it “mid-length”) 6 point metric socket set is high quality, works great and will last you forever. This is hands down one of my favorite value tool purchases I have made.

Click here for the price for just the semi-deep 3/8″ socket set, or here for the bonus that comes with a 1/4″ socket set from (4.5mm to 15mm) as well. Professional mechanics and DIYers agree the Gearwrench chrome sockets are the best cheap socket set on the market.

What makes a good socket set?

  1. Durability
  2. Price
  3. Hand-Feel
  4. Warranty

I have gone through my fair share of socket sets since I tend to lose stuff at a relatively high rate. Being as I carry all my tools with me and do not work out of a shop I do not have the luxury of storing all my things in nice compartments/shelves. What I have in my one toolbox/assortment of other sets I can carry around easily will pretty much get most any small to medium sized job done.

I am telling you hands down, this is the best entry level set I have found and used.

The only drawback (which is minor,) is that it comes on a plastic rail.

However, mine has held up decently well after 2-3 years, despite me having lost a couple of the sockets. For the price of less than one Snap-On similar socket, you get an entire set and a socket rail for them to go on.

Why Length Matters When Choosing Sockets:

Plus the flexibility it offers by being “semi-deep” means that this set will pretty much tackle everything you need to do. While I typically find deep sockets a little too cumbersome to be my go to set in my toolbox.  Shallow sockets oftentimes also lack the level of versatility that mid-length sockets do. I have found this set is the perfect middle ground between a deep socket set and a shallow set. For me, this set is my go-to metric socket set and handles 98% of what I need to do.

Just for reference here is my set, this photo was taken just now so you can see how I have definitely lost some sockets but that these have held up amazing over the last couple of years.

I lost the 13mm socket. Shallow socket taking its place. (good for reference of the size of the deep sockets as well). Has anyone seen my 13mm socket anywhere?








Gearwrench Sockets Vs. Snap-On, Matco, Mac Tools:

Gearwrench is a brand which is owned by Apex tools. Apex tools own something like 36 different brands as of early 2019, and Gearwrench is one of their strongest. My experience with Gearwrench has been their sockets and ratchets are very nice. They also have a lifetime warranty, but can be a little difficult getting ahold to warranty their products. That being said, if you’re using chrome sockets correctly you should never break one. Gearwrench isn’t on Snap-On level of quality, however for being a 1/10th price they are an awesome socket. I really can’t say I notice any difference day-to-day using the Gearwrench sockets vs. my old Snap-On socket set. 

I used to have the Snap-On Semi Deep Metric Set before it was stolen. They were $150 used for the set on eBay. They were great sockets and held up nicely, but it hurt when they got stolen. They’re just so expensive, that I had to find an alternative that would work well.

And while the Snap-On sockets are definitely nice, I cannot say I have noticed near enough difference between Snap-On’s mid-length sockets and these Gearwrench set to spend six to ten times the money on the Snap-On set.

Unless you are a professional working every day grinding away on cars, then, by all means, get the snap-on set. After all, when buying tools from the tool truck, we all know you are paying a much higher price for the luxury of knowing you can warranty tools at the truck. 

My Favorite Budget Ratchets/Socket Wrenches:

You need to partner your socket set with a great ratchet(s). My go-to ratchets right now are Gearwrench as well. This is the set I have, and I can also say while I have used tons of different ratchets (many are awesome as well) this set is absolutely killer for the price.

GearWrench 81206P Full Polish Mixed Ratchet, 3-Piece

You get a 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ ratchet and all have been extremely durable for me and have a smooth action. They feel great in your hand, and if you’ve ever used a cheap craftsmen ratchet then pick up one of these the difference is day and night.


Gearwrench 84T Socket Wrench Set

Here is a set of my absolute favorite and my most used in the set– the 3/8″ fine-toothed (but durable) driver. I swear once you feel the action on this you will be hard pressed to ever use another craftsman or crappy ratchet again. It is SILKY smooth and I really do mean that.

Do I even prefer it to my old snap on ratchet? Yeah, maybe just a little bit.

Or maybe I am just bitter that those got stolen and I couldn’t afford to replace them :).

They go together quite well.
I realize I have the XL version of the 3/8 ratchet in the 84t model. It has a great hand feel, super durable, and has held up to daily abuse for years. I highly highly recommend Gearwrench ratchets of all types. The only con is they are not the quickest at handling warranty claims.

120xp Gearwrench Ratchets Review:

If you want to spring for the latest technology from Gearwrench in 2018 grab the 120xp ratchet set. I have only heard great things, and from reading online these things are buttery smooth. That comes from having 120 teeth, which allows the ratchet to have a very small degree of arch.

I haven’t held these personally, but from my research, they’re a great value. Plus they have the durability of a 60 tooth ratchet, with the hand feel of a 120 teeth ratchet. They reinvented the ratchet in a sense, by using some pretty awesome cutting edge technology.

I really love the idea of this set of 4 Ratchets that all have flex heads and 120XP technology (they have even more teeth but with the durability/strength of a 60 tooth ratchet).

For the current price on Amazon for a set of 120XP Gearwrench ratchets click here. Or read my review of the Gearwrench 120xp Flex Head Ratchet Set.

Overall, I am really impressed with both of these products by Gearwrench.

Lastly, I am not saying everything by Gearwrench is a great value. Like with any tool manufacturer, I pick and choose what items I buy. In 2018, you need to think outside the box on brand loyalty, and look more towards who makes the best tool in whatever category you’re looking at.

My Favorite Gearwrench Budget Sockets and Ratchets:

Non-Flex Head 3 Piece Ratchet set from Gearwrench

3/8 Metric Socket Set 6 Point Semi-Deep from Gearwrench

If spending a little extra money isn’t a problem for you I highly recommend grabbing this set:

Flex Head 120XP Gearwrench 4 Piece Ratchet Set (Including Extra Stubby Driver).

Thanks for reading!

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3/8" Drive 6 Point Metric Socket Set Semi Deep Gearwrench

Less than $40












  • Hand Feel
  • Durability
  • Value
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Comes with Rail


  • Hard to read numbers
  • Not much else!


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