Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

Here is the list of the top best coolest automotive tools in 2018. Some of these tools have been around forever, and others are new tools that automotive mechanics have grown to love.

In 2018, these are the coolest mechanic tools available (recommend by real professional mechanics): Hint Hint– these make great gifts as well:

  1. JEGS 81526 Portable 5 Gallon Parts Washer
  2. GearWrench 85988 12 Piece Ratcheting Wrench Metric XL
  3. Motivx Tools Large Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench
  4. ABOX 1500A Peak Car Jump Starter
  5. Tornador Black Car Cleaning Gun
  6. BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android
  7. DEPSTECH Waterproof LCD Borescope W/ 10ft Cord
  8. Power Probe III Circuit Tester w/Lead Set Kit 
  9. Capri Tools 20010 Precision Wire Stripper
  10. GearWrench 85299 5 Piece Metric S-shaped Ratcheting Wrench

The point of a tool is to make your life easier. To provide you with the information you wouldn’t have otherwise had. Or to allow you to look into the future and see what might need replacing before it goes bad. 

All of these tools are awesome tools, and I highly recommend you have them in your toolbox. I will also provide links to Amazon for every tool, and personally pick out my favorites on Amazon for each tool.

Let us jump right into it.

The Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools:


#10 Cool Tool: GearWrench 85299 5 Piece Metric S-shaped Ratcheting Wrench

  • 5 piece set includes:
    10 x 12mm, 11 x 13mm, 14 x 16mm, 15 x 17mm, 19 x 22mm
  • Reaching around obstructions is no longer a problem
    with the “S” shaped ratcheting wrench.
  • With its twin 5°ratcheting box ends and dual access reversing levers
  • Makes those hard to reach fasteners are now a thing of the past.

To read the current reviews on Amazon and check the price click here to go to Amazon. Many professionals mechanics love these tools and say they use them daily. And when you need a tool like this, trust me it can really save you hours of time.

#9 Cool Tool: Capri Tools 20010 Precision Wire Stripper


Ok, if you’ve never used automatic wire strippers you don’t know what you’re missing. Please don’t buy these, because you’ll never be able to go back to the old way. 

Why do I think they’re so cool? I personally hate stripping wires and always end up taking off more of the wire than I want. This tool eliminates all that stress. It strips the wire for you, perfectly, each time.

You get the same amount of stripped wire every time. And it works fast. You can speed up your electronic repairs by like 50% at least. Especially doing stuff like installing radios, alarms, aftermarket lights, wiring a van for living in etc etc.

Product Details:

  • Use the precise setting you wish to strip from 22-8 AWG wires with ease
  • Made with cast alloy chassis
  • Convenient recoiling spring design and tension loaded wire grip
  • Stripping holes are machined precisely to remove insulation without damage
  • Fast compound wire stripping action

#8 Cool Tool: Power Probe III Circuit Tester w/Lead Set Kit 

The power probe IV in action. Here it is giving 12v power (9v in photo) to this windshield wiper regulator (so you can bench test parts easily)

This power probe is the entry-level power probe that technicians in 2018 love. Why?

  • It is a basic multimeter
  • Give 12v power/ground to connectors
  • It allows fast and accurate electrical diagnosis
  • You can check fuses in half the time than with a standard multimeter or test light
  • It is like four tools wrapped up in one. Multimeter, test light, 12v power, 12v ground.

Product Details:

  • Supplies Power and Ground for Functional Component Testing
  • Digital Volt and Ohmmeter for circuit testing
  • Large Color LCD Screen with Easy to Navigate User Menu
  • AC-RMS, AC Peak to Peak, Frequency and Pulse Width for signal testing
  • Fuel Injector tester for easy circuit diagnosis
  • PCM/ECM Driver supplies safe voltage for testing computer driver circuits.

If you want the even more upgraded version to grab the Power Probe Master Tech Kit. Even if you just use it to check fuses and do quick battery/alternator checks it is worth it. But trust me the options are endless for the power probe once you understand how it works.

#7 Cool Tool: DEPSTECH Waterproof LCD Borescope W/ 10ft Cord


A borescope allows you to look into what you’re working on. On cars, this means you can pull the spark plug and see the cylinder walls / inspect the inside of the engine easily. Many mechanics use these tools all the time to make sure their hypothesis is correct.

For example, maybe you want to see why compression in cylinder #3 is low. You use your borescope and look inside and notice that the walls of the cylinder are scratched. Now you know the engine needs a rebuild, and you didn’t even have to take it apart.

Snap some photos of the Borescope or let the customer see it firsthand. Now they know you aren’t making stuff up, and they feel comfortable with the costly repair.

Plus this tool has endless uses in your home. Running electrical wiring, looking for rat poops, inspecting pipes. You name it. Think of a borescope as a small set of eyes you can look into weird small spaces. 

Product Details:

  • Unique Blue LED Technology: built-in 1W LED light and 6 adjustable blue LED lights to help you to improve visibility in a low-light environment and work better so you are able to see in dark places.
  • Built-in LCD Screen: the convenient 3.5-inch color LCD screen allows direct viewing of what you record. Also detachable design for easy carrying or storage.
  • Image Capture and Video Recording: thanks to TF Card (not included), you can record your image capture or video to 640X480 resolutions. And directly saved into the TF card for more detailed looking.
  • Fully Waterproof: featuring with IP67 waterproof cable and 8.2 mm camera head, using this inspection camera almost everywhere. Excellent for inspection of lost or dropped items in pipes or areas which are not viewable by the naked eye.
  • Well-built Cable: The cable is both stiff and flexible giving you the ability to move around corners while also still being able to move it vertically. Be the shape of what you want.

#6 Cool Tool: BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android


See that little black thing that says “BlueDriver?” That plugs into the OBDII (OBD2) port on your car and gives you immediate information to your cell phone.

Question: Can you drive with it plugged in? 

Answer: Absolutely you can. In fact, I recommend driving with it installed so you never forget it. Never be perplexed by a check engine light again. No waiting to go to the mechanic to get the code read. Just plug this in and read the code on your cell phone.

It also provides you with a repair database, similar to what professionals use, which gives you ideas for what could be wrong. This is one of the most helpful parts of a scan tool. It is like someone already having done the googling for you, and its suggestions can really help you repair your car fast / not waste parts.

Product details:

  • The Professional OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool trusted by mechanics and developed by Professional Engineers in North America
  • Officially licensed and certified for Apple and Android devices
  • The BlueDriver App and BlueDriver Sensor work exclusively with each other to ensure quality
  • As easy to use as a code reader with all the capabilities of an expensive handheld scan tool, plus the benefits of your smartphone or tablet (free app updates, portability, saving data, interactive graphing of live data)
  • Free vehicle-specific Repair Reports drawn from a database of over 6.6 million fixes verified by certified auto mechanics (The coolest part!)

What features/codes can it read and clear?

  • Read and Clear CEL Codes: Confirmed, Pending, and Permanent for all makes,
  • Read and Clear Enhanced Codes: e.g. ABS, Airbag, Transmission, etc for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and Nissan (available worldwide), as well as BMW, VW, and 2003+ Honda (available in North America),
  • Repair Reports: Code Definition, Possible Causes, Reported Fixes (Vehicle-specific for each DTC),
  • Freeze Frame: Vehicle snapshot when a code is stored,
  • Smog Check: See if the vehicle is ready for a smog test,
  • Mode 6: Advanced test results (like misfire counts),
  • Live Data: Display multiple PIDs as a graph, gauge, or digital readout (or export the log to a file)

The most important parts that set it apart from other cheaper scan tools is the ability to use it through Bluetooth. The access to the repair pal database. And the ability to clear enhanced codes (ABS, airbag, transmission etc).

Also the ability to display multiple PIDs as a graph means you can start diagnosing stuff as a real technician would.

You should definitely buy one, click here to check current price on Amazon and reviews. If you want to read my full article on OBDII scan tools and oscilloscopes click here. It took me hours to write that article and there is a ton of information there that is good to know when looking at scan tools.

#5 Cool Tool: Tornador Black Car Cleaning Gun

This tool is one of those inventions that seems too good to be true, but really isn’t. Yes, it does look kinda weird and maybe you saw one of the videos on facebook advertising how it works. But from the reviews and my own research online this tool is legit and very cool.


How does the Tornador Black Car Cleaning Gun work?

Like magic. No, really this thing works magic on dirty carpet, stains, and seats in cars. Professionals detailers and home DIYers alike on Amazon are raving about the product. It recently got on Amazon’s “most wished for list” of 2018. This would be a great gift to someone that loves having a clean car or needs to clean their car.

It uses compressed air from a compressor (you will need a compressor) to shoot cleaner into soiled items. It is hard to describe in words, better if you watch a video:


You will also need to buy some cleaner to use with it. I recommend, and so do professional detailers, this Meguiar’s D10101 Detailer. Mix some of that bad boy in there, and follow the instructions on the video above. You will be amazed how fast and awesome this tool cleans everything from cars to boats to your rugs in the house. 

Product Details:

  • The Tornador Black produces enormous power with a very small air compressor.
  • The designers increased power but reduced air consumption and noise.
  • Wear is minimized because the rotation set no longer comes into contact with the cone.
  • Double the power of the Tornador Classic.
  • Suitable for 240V compressors.

#4 Must Have Cool Tool: ABOX 1500A Peak Car Jump Starter

Getting a dead battery is a pain. Not having a jumper box when you need it, is a real pain.

Look, most people have one of those jump kits that does everything including filling your tires and reading the current weather conditions. But the first time you go to use it it doesn’t have the juice to actually crank your car over. That is because so many of these products are made poorly and without good batteries.

Sure they have a lot of features, but if they won’t start your car when you need it to why bother? Well, luckily in 2018 with advancements in battery technology they have come up with some pretty affordable, and sweet, battery jumper packs.

This one uses lithium-ion batteries. Which means the batteries are smaller, more durable, and charge faster than lead-acid batteries found in inferior products.


This particular pack has incredibly great reviews, and also comes at a price point that won’t break the bank. That is why I choose it as my favorite in 2018 and a very cool tool. To check the current price on Amazon click here, it was one of the best when I wrote this article.

Product Details:

  • 3rd Generation Jump Starter: 30 jump starts on a single charge.
  • All gasoline and diesel engines up to 6.5L. It gets your car up and running in minutes even in low-temperature circumstances.
  • Safe for a newcomer. No-Melt and Smoke-Free clamps are reinforced with industrial grade metal and sturdy plastic construction. Also has reverse polarity protection! 
  • Fastest Ever Recharge: just 4 hours. Recharge 3 times faster than conventional charging.
  • Doubles as Power Bank: Charge smart phones from 0 to 80% in only 35 minutes.
  • Compact and Durable: up to 80-percent smaller and significantly more lightweight than 1st generation Lead-Acid jump starter.

If you want to be safe, or always know you’ll have a reliable jumper kit grab this one. It also makes a great gift to a daughter, son, or anyone in your family you want to always have a jump.

#3 Awesome Automotive Tool: Motivx Tools Large Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench


This is one cool tool. I say that because crawling underneath a car to realize you grabbed the wrong oil filter socket size is a real pain. It happens to the best of us, and it happens often.

Now, in 2018 tool companies have invented these awesome tools that work as universal oil filter removal sockets. They basically grab onto whatever sized oil filter you have and make removal a breeze. This one works on oil filters in the 3-4″ diameter (mostly larger cars and trucks). If you are mostly working on honda’s or other smaller cars grab this version– Motivx Tools MX2330. Same company, just different sized adjustable wrench. I’d probably just buy both. 

They make a ton of different options for these universal style oil filter wrenches. I did a ton of research, and this one always came up as one of the most highly reviewed.

The price is awesome, and I found a great deal on Amazon. Click here to see the current price.

Product Details:

  • Universal Fit – This oil filter wrench removes 3.15” – 4.15” diameter traditional spin-off canister style oil filters. For smaller sizes use the Motivx Tools MX2330.
  • The tool is for oil filter removal only, NOT for installation. You should be installing oil filters only a 1/4″ turn past hand tight anyways (I never use any type of socket, just grip it hard and spin 1/4″ turn more). 
  • Better Design – This wrench features a .050” captured spring as opposed to the flimsy .020” spring found on other wrenches. The oil filter contact surface has a tooth style design for a better grip and less slip.
  • Quality Materials 
  • Professional Quality – 1-year warranty and excellent customer service.
  • Purchase With Confidence – Buy our Motivx Tools universal oil filter wrench knowing it’s a perfect fit, excellent quality, built to last, and most importantly we stand behind our products.

#2 Cool Tool: GearWrench 85988 12 Piece Ratcheting Wrench Metric XL

Ratcheting wrenches are just awesome in general. If you don’t own a set, please buy one. You will use them constantly. I know I do. I know my friends that are mechanics do as well.

Why? Because they make fast work of fasteners in tight to reach spaces. You can get them on nuts and bolts much easier than a socket. Plus, they are fast action. Meaning you can tighten a bolt much faster than with a socket and ratchet.

They are part of a well-rounded toolbox, and a cool tool. Definitely, a must have, or a great gift for a loved one.

Product details:

  • Ratcheting box end needs as little as 5-Degrees to move fastener as opposed to 30-Degrees
  • Standard box end combined with the long pattern length gives this wrench excellent torque capabilities to break a stubborn fastener
  • Double box end ratcheting wrenches are made from finest chrome vanadium steel for long lasting tool life
  • Wrenches come with a blow molded carrying case
  • Blow molded case keeps tools organized and can be hung on a wall or kept in your toolbox or rollaway
  • 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm 13mm 14mm 15mm 16mm 17mm 18mm 19mm
  • Lifetime warranty click here to read their full warranty.

#1 The Coolest Tool Ever: JEGS 81526 Portable 5 Gallon Parts Washer

Ok, most of the time when we think parts washer you think big clunky in the way device. How about a perfectly capable parts washer that is portable. Similar in size to a 5-gallon bucket. Think you can find space in the garage for that?

Plus, it works great. Has awesome reviews, and the price is crazy cheap.

If you have never used a parts washer, trust me you’re in for a treat. This one may not be professional grade, but at the same time, the reviews speak for themselves.

Check out the price and reviews by clicking here. I was more than delighted when I found this portable parts washer, and I know what I will be asking for this Christmas.

Product Details:

  • Tank Capacity: 5 Gallon
  • Solvent Capacity: 3.5 Gallon
  • 110V/60Hz
  • Overall Size: 17.375″ L x 14.25″ W x 8.75″ H
  • Max Pump Output: 3.96 gpm

There you go. You made it! The top 10 cool automotive tools on the market. Really I just love an excuse to write about tools, and honestly, all of these would make great gifts.

If you want to read how to change the oil in your car as an airplane mechanic click here. I spent a ton of time writing that article, and it has a lot of stuff everyone should be doing when they change their oil.



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