Are GearWrench Tools Made By Snap On?

Gearwrench tools which are subsidiary of a much larger tool brand (Apex Tools) are not made by Snap-On nor affiliated with Snap-On in 2019. Snap On Tools are a completely different tool brand that owns many subsidiary brands as well (Bluepoint, CDI torque, and Bahco to name a few). Think of Snap On tools and Apex tools (Gearwrench) as competing brands, both offering lots of options for professional mechanics. Gearwrench, however, is a much more affordable brand of tools with prices being as much as %50-80 cheaper than a Snap-On equivalent tool. Both brands also offer similar warranties, with many of their hand tools being covered by lifetime warranties. 

Brands Snap-On Owns in 2019:

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  1. ATI Tools
  2. Bluepoint
  3. CDI Torque
  4. Auto HC
  5. Hofmann
  6. Lindstrom
  7. Cartec
  8. Rimo
  9. Mitchell1
  10. Sturtevant Richmont
  11. Bahco
  12. JohnBean
  13. NexIQ
  14. Sun
  15. Blackhawk
  16. Challenger Lifts
  17. JOSAM
  18. Norbar Torque Tools
  19. TruckCam
  20. Ecotechnics
  21. Kansas Jack
  22. Pro-Cut
  23. Williams

All of those listed are subsidiaries of the Snap-On incorporated brand in 2019. I am sure they will be buying more brands in the coming years as well. Pro Tip: if you want a Snap-On torque wrench but don’t mind that it doesn’t say “Snap-On” on it, buy the CDI torque equivalent. They make the Snap-On torque wrenches and you can get them for half the price of the Snap-On rebranded equivalent.

Click here to see all the CDI available torque wrenches on Amazon right now. 

Brands Gearwrench (Apex Tools) Owns in 2019:

Click to see a full list on Apex Tool Groups (ATG) Website.
  1. Weller
  2. Sata
  3. Wiss
  4. Campbell
  5. Apex
  6. Gearwrench
  7. Cleco
  8. Dotco
  9. Armstrong
  10. Crescent
  11. Luftkin
  12. Xcelite
  13. HKP
  14. Jacobs
  15. Jobox
  16. Belzer
  17. Master Power
  18. K&F
  19. Allen
  20. Delta
  21. Erem Weller
  22. Mayle


1. Snap-On Does Not Own Gearwrench or Apex Tools.

2. Gearwrench (Apex Tools) does not make/own Snap-On.

3. Snap-On branded tools are almost always more expensive than Gearwrench / Apex Tools.

4. A large amount of Snap On tools are still made in the USA, however, an even greater amount is now made overseas.

5. Gearwrench makes some awesome ratchets that can compete with Snap-On at a 1/4 the price.



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