Best Mechanic Creeper Seats in 2019 Under $100

Maybe you are tired of being in uncomfortable positions while changing brake pads or working on your car. Creeper seats are the perfect way to be more comfortable when working on cars in your garage or shop. Well which one should you buy? I found this one on Amazon had awesome reviews and a great price. Plus you can flip it up and use it as a step stool as well.

Best Creeper Seats Under $100 in 2019?

I found that for the price and functionality the Omega Lift 2-in-1 Mechanics Creeper Seat/Step Stool had the best reviews and value for your money (click the link to check the price/reviews on Amazon). It is the perfect gift for your DIYer or mechanic in your family. 

The cool features of this creeper seat is that it also functions as a step stool to grab stuff high up on your shelf, or to reach into the back of an engine bay easier.

It also “big guy” approved and has a weight rating of 350lbs. Plus, many big guys have said it has a pretty comfortable cushion and hasn’t compressed over time. The best creeper seats will be comfortable for years to come, and part of that is making sure the cushion is sturdy.

How to Choose a Creeper Seat:

  1. Figure out what height you like sitting at.
  2. Have someone measure from your butt to the ground.
  3. Get a creeper seat that fits that measurement.
  4. You will want one that is close to what you want (so you don’t get surprised)
  5. Make sure it has good reviews, holds up, and is a great price.
  6. Make sure the cushion is dirt and grime resistant and easy to clean. Vinyl is best.
  7. Make sure it comes with easy instructions to put together.

Other Great Creeper Seat Models in 2019:

Don’t get me wrong there are tons of great companies that make awesome creeper seats. It is also now a thing that many companies offer standard creepers that then fold into seats.

If you plan on spending a lot of time in your creeper seat you can check out this Traxion model (that looks super comfy!)

Check out Eric the Car Guy using it here, to read reviews and get a price on Amazon click here:

Creeper Seat With Tool Drawers:

Another awesome feature of some creeper seats is a couple of tool drawers underneath the seat. The OEMTOOL 24995 White Rolling Workshop Creeper Seat with 2 Tool Storage Drawers is an AWESOME creeper seat. It comes in at less than $100 and has great reviews. 


It doesn’t fold into a creeper and can’t be used as a step stool. But it does come with sweet drawers and looks pretty comfortable.


You have a ton of options for great creeper seats under $100 in 2019. I outlined some of my favorites in 2019 that you can find for awesome deals right now on Amazon. The most important thing is to find out what features you want in a creeper seat.

Do you just want to be super comfortable?

Do you want it to fold into a regular creeper and then back into a chair creeper seat?

Do you want drawers underneath it to store tools in?

Do you want it to have oversized casters so you can get around a bumpy floor easier?

Are you a pretty big and wide guy and want a creeper seat that will definitely take your heft?

Click on the links above to see the creeper seat that should best fit your needs. As with anything, this is just a guide, and with a little bit more research you should be able to figure out the best creeper seat for you.

But, one piece of advice, avoid just buying the cheapest one! The foam will collapse and it will be as uncomfortable as a bar stool after a couple of uses. Creeper seats are about being comfortable! Why not make sure you stay comfortable!

Enjoy! Click this link to see all the highest rated creeper seats available on Amazon now.

Omega 2-in-1 Creeper Seat + Stool 91305

Less than $100










  • Step Stool
  • Creeper Seat
  • Easy To Put Together
  • Works for Big People
  • 350lb Max Weight


  • None!

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