Milwaukee's Return Policy for Cordless Tools & Batteries: Complete Guide

Milwaukee’s Return Policy for Cordless Tools & Batteries: Complete Guide

Milwaukee tools make some of the best cordless tools for mechanics in 2019. They offer a huge lineup of both 18-volt tools (m18 175+ tools lineup) and 12-volt tools (50+ m12 tools lineup). So, it is important to understand Milwaukee’s return policy and how to navigate it. I wanted to know myself so I am writing this guide for anyone that has bought Milwaukee cordless tools and has a problem with them.

In a nutshell, all Milwaukee Cordless tools come with a 5-year free service warranty at any of their factory service centers or through their eService shipping service. You DO NOT need your original receipt or to prove you are the original owner. You also DO NOT need to register your Milwaukee cordless tools in 2019 to receive warranty protection. It is recommended to keep your receipt, however, Milwaukee will use the serial numbers on the cordless tools to determine the date of manufacturer and warranty eligibility. Milwaukee batteries (m18 and m12) typically have 3-year warranties and exactly the same process for warranty repairs. 

Milwaukee’s Money Back Return Policy:

If you want to return your tools for a full refund then you will need to visit wherever you bought them from and that will depend on their return policy. For example, if you bought your Milwaukee tools at Home Depot and for some reason don’t want them anymore, as long as they are unopened and you have the receipt you can return them for a full refund 90-days after purchase.

If you are wanting full money back return, you need to check with the retailer you bought the tools from. Every company will have a different money-back return policy, including the home depot, lowes, eBay, Amazon, etc.

Milwaukee’s Service & Warranty Policy Cordless Tools:

“When you purchase a Milwaukee tool it automatically comes with a warranty, so no worries about registration.” Source from Milwaukee.

Some quick FAQ about Milwaukee’s service & warranty policy:

  1. You do not need an original receipt to have your Milwaukee tool serviced under warranty
  2. Milwaukee cordless tools all come with a 5-year warranty (with some exceptions). 
  3. You can use their online eService to send your tools in for Free (they pay to ship) 
  4. You can also drop your tools off at a Milwaukee Service Center for repairs. 
  5. They use the serial number on the tool to determine eligibility for 5-year warrantied repairs. 
  6. If you bought your tools at home depot, eBay, Amazon, etc., and they are within the 5-year warranty period it is easier if you have your tools serviced by a Milwaukee service center directly. 
  7. Registration is NOT required for Milwaukee cordless tools service warranty.
  8. The original receipt or proof of purchase is also NOT required but is definitely helpful to keep.
  9. The serial number will not tell them when you bought the tool. Rather only when they manufactured it. Therefore, there may be a discrepancy and you may lose out on some of your warranty periods without knowing it. Pro tip: take a photo of all your purchase receipts for Milwaukee tools and email them to yourself with the subject line “Milwaukee tools receipt.” You’ll always have the receipts then easily accessible.
  10. Milwaukee’s warranty on batteries is not 5-years and depends on the battery style. Most of the m12 and m18 lithium-ion batteries you will find on the market in 2019 will have a 3-year warranty. For a table including all the battery styles and their respective warranties click here. 

How To Get Milwaukee Cordless Tools Serviced & Warrantied

  1. Find the serial number on the cordless tool that you want to have serviced. Click here to see how to find and read Milwaukee’s serial numbers to figure out the date of purchase etc.
  2. Use their service center locator to see if a service center is close by and you want to drop the tool off in person.
  3. If no close service center exists, login to their eService center (easy) and they will provide you with instructions for free shipping to their service center. You basically drop the tool off at a FedEx service center.
  4. If you dropped your tool off at a service center expect to have the tool repaired in 7-10 business days.
  5. For eService service expect it to take longer, but they will keep you posted.
how to read milwaukee serial number for warranty
How to read your Milwaukee serial number to determine if it is within the 5 year warranty period.

What tools are not eligible for eService Warranty:

milwaukee-cordless-tools-warranty-guideThis list is tools and accessories that Milwaukee does not accept for send in service or warranty work. You should contact them directly to see what their warranty policy is on these items.

  • Parts
  • M18™ HIGH DEMAND™ 9.0 Battery (48-11-1890)
  • Hand Tools (Including Empire Products)
  • AC Rotary Hammers 1 1/2″ & larger
  • Demolition Hammers
  • Storage
  • Magnetic Drilling Equipment
  • Miter Saws
  • Panel Saws
  • M12 Heated Clothing & Work Gear
  • Abrasive and Dry Cut-Off Machines
  • Generators
  • Pressure Washers
  • Paint Sprayers
  • Vacuum Cleaners (with exception to M18 Wet/Dry Vac)
  • Diamond Coring Equipment
  • Electric and Hand Hoists
  • HOLE DOZER Hole Saws
  • Accessories (ex: drill bits, LED bulbs)

Related Questions:

Will Milwaukee warranty the cordless tools I bought on eBay?

Yes, if they fall within the 5-year warranty period based on the serial number of the Milwaukee cordless tool. You do not need the purchase receipt or to prove you were the original buyer. However, as with many things on eBay, if the tool is not actually a Milwaukee tool then they will not warranty it. I don’t think it happens often, but sometimes you will find counterfeit batteries or cordless tools made to be look-a-likes that will not pass a Milwaukee service centers inspection.

Can Home Depot service/warranty my Milwaukee tools?

Most likely not, they may be able to swap them out for a new set of tools depending on their specific warranty process. However, the easiest way to get your tools serviced from Milwaukee is to send it to an eService facility or to drop it off at a factory authorized Milwaukee service center. If you try to repair your tools yourself or take it to a repair facility that isn’t authorized, your warranty will be void.

Do Milwaukee cordless tools have the best warranty? 

For mechanics, Milwaukee cordless tools are the best of both worlds. They offer a 5-year warranty for free service (which beats Dewalt, Snap-On, and many other name brands) as well as having the most powerful 1/2″ cordless torque wrench on the market in 2019. Plus, when you compare the prices of all the different brands Milwaukee tools is usually right in the middle of the pack. They also offer more tool options than any other brand that use the same batteries and chargers, and you will find Milwaukee cordless tools in tons of professional mechanics toolboxes. The absolute best warranty on cordless tools, however, is Home Depot’s brand Rigid tools which offer lifetime warranties. However, they do not have nearly the same capabilities or tool selection options that Milwaukee offers for mechanics and DIYers.

Will Milwaukee service my cordless tools if they are out of warranty? 

Yes, Milwaukee will work with you and charge a reasonable fee to repair or replace your cordless tools even if they are out of warranty. You can read more about out of warranty fees and parts replacements here. They have a program called “lightning max repair” that deals with out of warranty repairs as well as warrantied repairs. Basically, they provide a list of the pricing for parts for all models of cordless tools and you can browse that here. If the repair would cost more than the price listed they may replace your tool with a newer one for a small fee (in comparison to the price of the new tool).

Can I repair my own Milwaukee 1/2″ Impact Wrench?

You can find parts for Milwaukee tools on eBay or from many online retailers. You can also try to repair your Milwaukee cordless tools yourself if you please, however, I highly recommend first sending the tool into Milwaukee for free service (if less than 5 years old). They will also likely work with you if the tool is out of warranty and give you a great deal to have it fixed or replaced. I highly encourage sending your tool in for repair before attempting to repair it yourself and voiding your warranty. 

What is Milwaukee’s M18/M12 battery warranty? 

Milwaukee has a completely different and somewhat complicated battery warranty. For most m18/m12 batteries on the market in 2019, you are going to get a 3-year free service warranty (or replacement,) however on some batteries Milwaukee also limits their warranty by the number of battery charges. It depends on the battery, and you can read the entire list of restrictions and battery warranties here, but your battery may only be one year old and out of warranty due to more number of charges that they warranty. The batteries record the number of times they have been charged and discharged giving Milwaukee the ability to see how used the battery was during its life. However, Milwaukee generally is lenient and wants the customer to be happy. As long as you are not clearly abusing the batteries Milwaukee will likely warranty the batteries easily if they fall within the warranty time period.

How can I contact Milwaukee to ask about my warranty? 

Call 1.800.SAWDUST (1.800.729.3878) to speak directly with a customer service representative. Explain your problem, and ask if they can look up your serial number and tell you immediately if your tool falls under their warranty.

What is the most powerful Milwaukee impact wrench in 2019?

So, you want the most powerful cordless impact wrench you can get your hands on? In 2019, that would be the Milwaukee 1/2″ High Torque (Gen 2). It is the most capable impact wrench on the market in 2019 and outperforms Snap-On models. When you factor in warranty, price, and tool compatibility it also beats Dewalt and Makita (also IR’s). Here is a link to the most powerful cordless impact wrench Milwaukee offers, and arguably the best on the market in 2019 out of any brand/model. There is a reason it has so many great reviews, and so many professional mechanics have switched over from Snap-On cordless to Milwaukee tools.

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  2. Unbelievable I just bought my Milwaukee set at Christmas has a 5 year warranty and the store won’t help me my charger went out and nobody will help me everybody sent me to the next person to the next person none of them knew what they were doing at Home Depot anyways story is no results were found nor did anyone try to even get somebody that knew what they were doing and how to handle the situation so the situation is Milwaukee is not handling the situation and neither is Home Depot on there to on the tools they say they have warranty this is only Christmas time I bought this in the charger is not working now I have to wait to see if it can be fixed I’m serious I got to like work tomorrow so thanks a lot I’ll know better to buy tools from Home Depot again I know that but if Home Depot sells the Milwaukee Tools aren’t they shouldn’t they be obligated to honor the warranty as Milwaukee does Aunt they should honor it and respect it and respect the customer as well that’s my opinion I just thought you all should know how I was treated once I had a problem with my charger going out now I have to go to work without my tools and I’ll find other ways probably do tools other brands I would have suppose I don’t know yet but thanks for the let down

  3. Thanks for the comment! Trust me, I know first hand Home Depot is a pain to work with for warranty returns. For Milwaukee, unless the Home Depot is also a Milwaukee authorized repair center they will not help you past the 90 day money back time period. You need to contact Milwaukee via the website and send the tools in with their shipping directions. I realize it is a PAIN but it is a 5 year warranty and you are going to have to wait if your tools break for them to replace or repair them. Best of luck! Stay out of the Home Depot for warranty stuff– stick with talking to Milwaukee directly.


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