Capri Tools: Are They Any Good? Complete Review.

Researching brands for tools can be tedious and confusing. There seem to always be new brands popping up with great prices. The same questions come up time and time again.

Are the tools quality?

Does the company stand by its product?

If it comes with a lifetime warranty will they actually be a company when you need to warranty the tools? These are just some of the questions I ask myself before buying any tools from a brand I am not familiar with.

I did a ton of research and compiled this post to help you decide whether Capri Tools is a brand you should buy.

So, is Capri Tools a good brand? Do they make good tools? 

From my research and reading lots of reviews/talking to mechanics that have used Capri Tools they are a great option for imported impact sockets, air tools, and more. None of their tools are made in the USA, and most are coming from Taiwan (if not all). Capri Tools come with a lifetime warranty, and they are based in California with real customer service representatives. The pricing is similar to Neiko, Tekton, and other non-tool truck brands. However, some of their options and the quality of their sockets warrant checking their tools out. They have some great options for impact socket sets, flip lug nut sockets, and air tools. 

Contacting Capri Tools:

Capri Tools can be reached by calling their customer service line at (888-723-0550).

Email address: 

For warranty or broken parts fill out their warranty form here.

Address for Capri Tools:

1788 W 2nd Street
Pomona, CA 91766

Warranty Information:

To read all about Capri Tools warranty click here. To summarize, they offer a lifetime warranty on their tools but like most companies, it is up to their discretion whether it is “normal wear and tear” or a defective manufacturing process. They will pay for shipping both ways (which is nice). They also claim to stand by their tools, and I would expect that as long as you clearly weren’t abusing your tools if you have a problem they will take care of you.

What Mechanics Say About Capri Tools:

Even professionals mechanics say that Capri Tools make really good impact socket sets and air pneumatic tools. You could compare the quality to Tekton or Gearwrench.

The tools are imported from Taiwan. That doesn’t mean they are crappy quality, it all depends on the factory making the tools. It seems Capri Tools wants to make sure the product they are putting out there is going to last and people will like it.

You can watch the video above to watch a review from a mechanic who used this Capri Tools impact set in his shop for weeks.

TL:DR this Impact Deep Socket Master Set by Capri Tools on Amazon for a GREAT price is awesome. He highly recommends it, as do I. For the price it is a perfect beginner set for 1/2″ impact sockets that will 95% of your needs working on cars in 2019.

With impact sockets, one of the most important things is to buy from a company that offers a lifetime warranty. Impact sockets are made to be softer than regular chrome sockets, and sometimes will deform or break. That is part of the nature of how they are made, and any good company will respect that and send you a new socket no problem. However, if you have no way of reaching customer service then sometimes you can be in bad shape.

Best Capri Tools Options:

One of the cool thing about Capri Tools is they come in awesome blow molded plastic sturdy cases.

Ok, so I dug a little bit deeper and I found out what people are buying from Capri Tools because they do it best and for the best price.

Some of the favorites out there in 2019, and what is making Capri Tools show up on Amazon are their master impact socket sets. That link will take you to an Amazon search showing you all their top rated master sets. There are usually some AWESOME prices and sales on their tools and they compete with brands like Tekton, Neiko, Gearwrench, Sunex, and others.

One of the other items they make that is great is their flip socket lug nut set available here on Amazon. It is crazy cheap and honestly go read the reviews yourself, people love these flip nut sockets for a reason. They are high-quality and fit better than some of the other cheap lug nut flip sockets on the market.

Capri Tools LED Light:

People raved about Capri Tools LED light when it first hit the market. Unfortunately, it isn’t available on Amazon anymore. But it seems to have been copied by other brands and their are even some newer brighter flashlights available with a similar design to the Capri Light.

My top favorite light that is rechargeable, flexible, and has a cool magnetic base is this Astro 40SL 410 Lumen Rechargeable COB LED Slim Work Light.

You can compare it to the old Capri Tools light by checking that one out here (it isn’t for sale anymore on Amazon, but you can still see the listing).

Conclusions & Related Questions:

Capri Tools is another great option for imported tools that are high-quality. They are innovative, located in California, and stand by their tools. They also have both a customer service line that is in the USA and an email address. Both of which you may have trouble finding with some other overseas tool importers.

Plus, their tools have been used by professional mechanics and put to the test, and overall they have held up great. Even if you do have a problem their lifetime warranty will handle it.

Capri Tools is really a great option to check out and to see all their latest tools on Amazon click here.

Capri Tools VS. Tekton what is better? Tekton also has a great customer service team and their warranty is amazing. It really has to do with what tools you are looking for and what sets you need. Capri Tools might have a better selection of master impact socket sets, while Tekton has a better selection of simply deep metric impacts in a nice case for cheap. I think of them both as good choices for budget tools that have a lifetime warranty and good customer service. Capri Tools has more options when it comes to their pneumatic tools as well, and they are well liked. Tekton does not have many air tools options as seen here.

Is the Capri Tools Vacuum Brake Bleeder worth the money? Yes, the Capri Tools Vacuum Brake Bleeder works great and will save you tons of time bleeding brakes and clutches. It saves you from having to bleed brakes the slow old fashioned way (pumping and opening). To read their guide on using their vacuum bleeder click here. To check out the best price on their brake bleeder on Amazon click here.

To see a more thorough review of the brake bleeder with instructions watch this video:

Are Capri Tools Lifetime Warranty? Yes, all Capri Tools come with a lifetime warranty. You DO need to keep original receipt and prove you were the original buyer of the tools. The best way to keep your receipts is to take a photo of whatever tool purchase you make and send yourself the receipt immediately. If you bought through Amazon then you can always go back through your orders and print out when you bought the tools. They pay for shipping both ways as well for warrantied items that need service. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, and they may refuse to fix the tool if it is simply old and used up.

Are Capri Tools made in the USA? No, they are a budget tool brand that focuses on quality import tools. None of their tools that I could find originate from the USA. However, their offices are located in California. If you have problems or want to ask them questions you can get ahold of them easily which is nice.





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