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Old School Mechanic Tips (10+) Everyone Should Know

There are way too many posts out there these days claiming to be “life hacks” that don’t work.

The following tips are real and used by old-school mechanics all over the world. Every person working on cars should know these tricks. 

Come along for the ride and see how many of these you already know or use. Please contact me if you have some more I am missing!

10 Old School Mechanic Tips. Tip #1 out of 10

  1. Use Vacuum Hose / Fuel line / Heater core line to grip spark plugs, and start them in tight or hard to reach spaces.

Basically, this tip will save you a lot of frustration and time, by allowing you to start hard to reach spark plugs by hand, easily. To install spark plugs, you will need some hose (small heater hose or vacuum hose works) that you can slip over the spark plug. Then cut it to whatever size you like (cut multiples pieces if you like). Start the plug by twisting the hose in your hand. Remove the hose once it is started and now you can place your socket on the plug and do a final tightening. 

The best way to start spark plugs in any car is by hand. It can be hard to get your hands in there, or the socket with the plug down in the crazy angle you are working in.


By using vacuum line, you can get it started at any angle. It is easy while doing this to make sure you aren’t cross threading the spark plug. Everything about doing hard to reach spark plugs this way is easier than when using a socket and extension.

To get an idea of this trick in action watch this video:

Things you will need:

  1. Vacuum hose (Links to Amazon) line (or whatever tubing will hold the spark plug)
  2. That’s it!

Read my article on how to use anti-seize properly on spark plugs here. Please read that before you change the plugs on your car and end up using anti-seize wrong. I spent a lot of time writing that article and a ton of research, so go read it and make your own decision.

Then, torque the spark plugs correctly, and if you’re confused on how to do that read my post here on how to develop a good “feel” for spark plugs– read more here.

Click Here For Old School Mechanic Tip # 2: Thermostats.


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